Zeus Guy

The green one is the one I'm talking about.

A ninja Shy Guy, Zeus Guy throws balls of energy at Yoshi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Licking him does no good, and stepping on him or egging him stuns him temporarily. Taking him out with a Fire Watermelon or Ice Watermelon is recommended, but if the player leave that part of the screen and come back they will regenerate. They can be permanently obilerated with a POW Block. They are usually found in groups of two. If the player get too close, within the maximum range of their balls of energy, they'll kick or punch Yoshi.

During the events of Yoshi's Island DS, Zeus Guys resembled Snifits. These Zeus Guys would most likely be misnamed enemies, like how the Sledge Bros. in New Super Mario Bros. were misnamed Sumo Bros.

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