Full Name XD002.5
First Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)
Species Stick Figure
Affiliation(s) King XD
Latest Appearance The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ (2009-2010)

XD002.5s (Japanese: 極度のXDゼロゼロ2, or Extreme XD002) are sub-species of XD002s. They generally carry more power than their grunt counterparts and do not need to smile all the time.

The Legend of the Bondings Edit

XD002.5s have only appeared in one episode, and that is original 3. He aided Poopyman1000 to defeat EmptyStar but was sent to jail with wiisucksIol, shitendosucksonyrule, and SONICHATERSONICSUCK1.

In the remade version of Chapter 3, XD002.5 has been replaced with POKEMONSUCKSBIGCOCK. Likewise, Jolteonboy is replaced by Crystal Lucario, thus ending the fight earlier. Although they didn't make a cameo in the remake, it is scheduled to have a re-appearance in the Mirror World Battle of Chapter 9; 100 of them appear with 2000 regular XD002s and one King XD.

The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ Edit

XD002.5 appears in an arcade along with wiisucksIol, and gets defeated.

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