Full Name XD002
First Appearance Challenges (2008)
Species Stick Figure
Affiliation(s) King XD
Latest Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)

Dream Land Adventures (2009-2010)
The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ (2009-2010)

XD002s (Japanese: XDゼロゼロ2, XD 2) are a major nuisance in three recurring comic series. They are mutated people who were turned into stick figures and had their brain changed into the size of a molecule. They are equipped with primarily their pink swords, which does minor damage, and they steal precious weapons, such as in the original Chapter 3, where an XD002 steals EmptyStar's gun, exclusively made for him by KirbyFan before KirbyFan's genes were mutated and turned into a troll.

Challenges Edit

The first ever appearance of a XD002 was in the popular game show, depicted in some comics, but mainly through Timson (and his friends') mouths. One lone stick figure was blocking the way to the exit in The Swamp Mario Kart race track, so the Challengers had to take a detour. They eventually ganged up on the XD002 from behind and smashed him to death.

The Legend of the BondingsEdit

XD002s are the main nuisance of the comic. They appear in numbers and gang up on EmptyStar, although they are almost always defeated without a sweat. In the remastered version of Chapter 2, 3 XD002s were brutally murdered; one was pitching the product "ShamHo!" when a huge box of Snicker's Bars dropped on him and killed him in the process. Another one was killed using the product "Suicide Putty", and following that was yet another one trying the product "Sui-Chop." Even in the original Chapter 2, the same number of XD002s were destroyed, but in a fight rather than a show/commercial break.

A sub-species of XD002, known as "XD002.5", is introduced in the original Chapter 3. He worked for Poopyman1000, and was holding his own against Kirby and friends before Crystal Lucario appeared and brutally murdered Poopyman1000 and sent XD002.5, wiisuckslol, shitendosucksonyrule and SONICHATERSONICSUCK1 to jail. This scene has been removed, as well as XD002.5, as Crystal Lucario replaces Jolteonboy in the remastered version of Chapter 3; similarly, XD002.5 was replaced by P0KEMONSUCKSBIGCOCK. The later scene with CL has been replaced with a commercial break.

Dream Land Adventures Edit

XD002s are nowhere as plentiful as in The Legend of the Bondings. In fact, they only make a few appearances, and those appearances are indirect.

The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ Edit

XD002s appear in larger numbers than both the Legend of the Bondings and Dream Land Adventures. A huge army sweeps up Kirby and his friends, and they must attack their way back home by FALCON PUNCHing them or smashing their body against the camera. Unfortunately, the real numbers of Dream Land's XD002s are unknown, as the entire scene was just a dream.

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