"Well well! Looks like you're trying to hurt my friend Luigi, Bowser! I won't allow that to happen! I'll die for Luigi before I let anyone lay a finger on him!"
—Vampire Guy to Bowser when he attempts to knock out Luigi.

Vampire Guy Edit

Despite his name he is actually one of Luigi's best friends. He is a blue Shy Guy with a mask that is different from every other Shy Guy's mask. His mask has two sharp implements which look like vampire teeth on the top of the mouth part and a drop of red paint that looks like a droplet of blood on the left cheek of the mask. He even has wings.

Shy Guy Adventures Edit

He joins Envious Guy for a little bit after telling him about Bowser kidnapping Mario, Luigi and Peach. He later joins the Shy Bros. along with Envious Guy at the same time.