I'll let everyone edit this page. You must edit yourself though, no one else. Your stats involve all the moves you can do, special abilities, and such. I'll start us off. You can even add in the choice of a final smash made specifically for you. If you want you can also desribe your attacks as well. You must list who or what you can summon if you can summon stuff.

Thefallenangel407's stats Edit

All attacks: Element Conjure, Weapon Create, Dinner Blaster, Time Warp, Move Disable.

All Summons: Rifle Waddle Dees, Gwonam, Sigh Guy.

Special Abilities: Lightspeed, the ability to create anything out of thin air, Fallenangel's Demon form(which consists of me gaining dog ears and massive bouts of strength.

Final Smash: Depends on who's on my team if I have one. My default one is Giga Hell Blast.

Timson622222's stats Edit

This is no longer relevant.

Crystal Edit

Job: Stealth Attacker

Ego: Lucario

Powers: Crystal-related attacks, Moon Related Attacks, Aura Related Attacks

Mastery: Crystal Mastery Level X Darkness Mastery Level 98 Aura Mastery Level X Soul Mastery Level 45 Fire Mastery Level 61 Dog Mastery Level 20 Moon Mastery Level 13 Ninja Master Level 23 Water Mastery Level 16

All attacks used by Crystal Edit

Hell's Ban HammerEdit

Power: Special, Acc: Special

Type: Item

Requirements: Sysop Powers, Level 42 Fire Mastery

An attack that only works on n00bs, spammers, and Flamers, instantly forcing them to Banned Hell.

Hell HoundsEdit

Power: 20, Acc: 99.99%

Type: Summon

Requirements: Level 5 Dog Mastery, Level 10 Fire Mastery

Hell Hounds are commanded to eat a person, chosen by their summoner

Crystal CrushEdit

Power: 40, Acc: 73%

Type: Crystal

Requirements: Level 25 Crystal Mastery, 2 Bars of Crystal Power

Crystals burst out of the ground, ensnare, and forcibly smash opponent(s).

Crystal Aura BlastEdit

Power: 70, Acc: 66.66%

Type: Aura, Crystal, Final Smash

Requirements: Be A Lucario, 3 Bars of Crystal Power, Level 40 Crystal Mastery

Crystals, Enfused with Aura, land in enemies, and bursts, creating a shockwave of emotion that damages, physically and mentally.

Aura GrabEdit

Power: 10, Acc: 100%

Type: Aura

Requirements: Level 5 Aura Mastery

Aura holds, and throws an opponent, if the oppenent is thrown into an obstacle the damage is greater.

Crystal DartEdit

Power: 10, Acc: 80%

Type: Item

Requirements: Level 5 Crystal Mastery, Level 2 Ninja Mastery

A simple projectile, thrown, it deals a small amount of damage.

Pond ConjureEdit

Power: 0, Acc: Special

Type: Summon

Requirements: Water Mastery Level 10

A small body of water appears.

Ground GrabEdit

Power: 15, Acc: 50%

Type: Regular Attack

Requirements: None

A simple throw.

Crescent DartsEdit

Power: 10, Acc: 85%

Type: Weapon

Requirements: Moon Mastery Level 5, Ninja Master Level 2

A projectile, thrown to cut, and inflict bruises.

Shadow Blend, Crystal Moon, Moon Might, Aura Sphere, Aura Dart, Solid Snake Grab, Crystal Growth, Aura Drain, Aura Change, Pain Strengthening, Brutal Punch, Moon Knight Summon, Invincible Crystal Shield, HAMEAHAMEAHAA!!!

All fatalities used by Crystal Edit

  • Headshot
  • Crystal Maelstrom
  • Hellhound Charge
  • Counter (Does not work on Soul Attacks) (Attempt failed)

X pro's StatsEdit

All Attacks:Transform, Quick Train, Ground Pound, Fear, Random, Emo Control

All Summons:Super Ram Team, Dream Cloud, Scotty and Ariel, Demon 1,

Special Abilities:Any taunts give me a little higher stats. Immune to Dark and Light blasts no matter what transformation.

Final Smash:KARMA:a random thing that happened in my life gets to the opponent

TP(Transform Power):15


Shield J****Edit

TP Needed:10


Super Shield:Blocks and returns last attack

Parasol shield:Blocks air attacks

Heavy Shield:Wind attacks have no effect

Beast J****Edit

TP needed:4


Ray:Fires a laser beam out of it's horn

Scratch:Makes the opponent bleed in agony

Howl:Turn to full Moon

Anime J****Edit

TP Needed:5


Able to make any anime character that's the user's seen

Ghost J****Edit

TP Needed:20/die


Overcontrol:able to control the enemy and hurt itself

Shadow J****:Edit


Shadow:Easily dodge any attack

Shadow Bomb:Attack the enemy with a bomb of dark mist

Other Summons:Edit

Super Ram TeamEdit

One of the following:

Kirby comes in

Link comes in

Crystal Dragon Comes in

Dasher(dark cloud) comes in

Leader(no) comes in

Dream CloudEdit

Something in one of my dreams comes true

Scotty and ArielEdit

Knife:Cuts the opponent with a knife

Tennis Headache:Gets hit with a big tennis racket

Confidence:Immune to fear attacks

Random:same as James but more affective

Tough Love:2-Combo move of A bang then a stab

Demon 1Edit

Starts with a Va

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