Try Guy
Try Guy
Full Name Try Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia (2009)
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Shy Guys

"Mwahahahahaha! Let's see how you like my new Ultra Atomic Bomb!"
—Try Guy

The Try Guy is an orange Shy Guy who tries his best to kill the Mario Bros. Try Guy dons eyebrows, a curly mustache, and a goatee. Try Guy is usually seen curling his mustache whilst talking. He will do many heinous acts such as placing bombs in the ground or trying to kill the bros with a rocket launcher. However, all his attempts fail and he ends up getting hurt. However, one day Try Guy stumbled upon the Magic Balloon at which he ate. Suddenly, he had a strange feeling and he transformed from a weak orange Shy-Guy to a brutish purple Shy-Guy. He also gained horns on his head and spikes on his back. This Shy-Guy was dubbed Awesome Guy due to his pure awesomeness. He acts as the final boss of some game that another user made along with Eye Guy and General NRG.

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