The Inaudible Thwomp


—The Inaudible Thwomp

The Inaudible Thwomp is a Thwomp who always has a hard time speaking. Everything he says is pure gibberish. It is humorous to watch him try to form a single sentence because he also yells the words. He is voiced by Joe Cross.

Bowser's KingdomEdit

First appearing in Episode 3, the Inaudible Thwomp is present when Lemmy Koopa enters the World 3 castle of the Mushroom Kingdom in terror of being caught by Mario. After he, the Thwomp, Big Boo, the Karate Duo Number 1, a Podoboo and a pair of Dry Bones concoct a plan to take out Mario, the plumber enters the castle himself. When he reaches the Inaudible Thwomp, he tries to convince Mario to stand under him so that he can crush him. Mario simply stays where he is, causing the Thwomp to get more and more wound up. He successfully manages to say "It won't be so bad once you stand under me, it will be done, Badda-Bing Badda-Boom", and later mentions the name "Christopher Walken" which confuses Mario. When Mario enters a doorway nearby, the Thwomp gets extremely irritated by the fact that he can't follow him. He threatens to destroy Mario and his family and wants the Mushroom Kingdom "burned to the ground".

In Episode 7, the Inaudible Thwomp sings the National Anthem at the start of the Villains' Olympics. Due to his inaudible speech, however, a hammer gets thrown at him (presumably by Paul Hammerbro).

The Inaudible Thwomp makes an appearance at the start of Episode 8, on board Bowser Jr.'s airship in outer space. As the Thwomp tries to explain their plan, Hal asks if he is the only one who can't understand a word he's saying. The Karate Duo Number 1 suddenly appear and kick the Thwomp off the airship, sending him plummeting back down to Earth.

The Inaudible Thwomp makes an appearance in the Bowser's Kingdom movie. As Jeff and the Karate Duo Number 1 are escaping from Paul Hammerbro on a Mario Kart racetrack, the Inaudible Thwomp is found sleeping right in the middle of the course. Jeff and the Karate Duo are unable to avoid him and crash.

In Episode 666, the Inaudible Thwomp is one of the few survivors left during the zombie invasion. When Hal and Jeff hide out in a castle on the Doughnut Plains, Geno, Big Boo and the Inaudible Thwomp take turns in telling how the zombies came to be. When the castle comes under attack, the Thwomp panics and rises up to the ceiling, never to be seen again. It is unknown what happens to the Thwomp after this, although it is unlikely that the zombies could eat him considering he's made of stone.

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