This was the name given to Jeff and Hal's team in the seventh episode when they were competing in the Villain's Olympics to get enough money to buy a new TV after the Karate Duo destroyed it with a Wiimote. Rick Finkelstein thought they were calling themselves Team No Na Me but Paul Hammerbro kept having to correct him. He even says "The damned thing says No... Name!" Jeff gets nervous around Team S. A. D. P. B. saying how are they supposed to beat them?! Two of them are wearing sunglassess. Hal reminds him of why they are there, for the T.V. Jeff and Hal both break the fourth wall by mentioning something about a training montage which Hal then says he never saw which made Jeff realize that they may not have trained at all. In the Chomp Throw event, Jeff got chased by the Chomp instead of throwing it which he couldn't be able to do anyways since Goombas don't have hands. In the swimming event Hal was swimming while inside of his shell. In the high jump portion Hal got in his shell and jumped over the pole. Jeff is seen in the racing portion which he got second in. Hal and Jeff were seen in the final event along with S. A. D. P. B. which the event was called Shell Wrestling. Hal went off against the Chomp Bro. thinking that if he could take down a gorilla in a tie, then he could beat a German turtle. Chomp Bro. told him that he was Austrian and then threw him.

Trivia Edit

During the Shell Wrestling event Jeff was also wearing a shell, but his was a different color than Hal's green shell.

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