Team FD (full name: Team FlashDeck) is a group of people that do real-time gunfights. Although they kill each other quite often, they have a healing machine that lets them go back to alive and healthy in 1 second.

History Edit

Team FD started as a group of online game buddies who played one FPS game: Counter-Strike: Source. As shown in the Counter-Strike series, they had some good fights. At first, there were only 8 members, but it increased to 12 later on.

A Shy Guy was known to be in the group but quit.

They were infected with the XD002 curse once, turning them into XD002s. However, they were cured of their personalities and a little bit of their appearance, they are still stick figures but look more like actual humans. Dumbass, however, still partially has a XD002 attitude.

Known Members Edit

People in this group are known by their online names.

Sub-Teams Edit

The team is divided into two sub-teams to face each other. The names are the same as the team names in CSS; Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. (Terrorists aren't here to cause terrorism though.)


  • The Pro (originally Terrorists)
  • Assassin
  • Striker
  • Freekill
  • Psycho
  • SWAT


  • Dumbass
  • Killer
  • Lagger
  • Camper
  • Newbie
  • FD God

Disclaimer (ignore this) Edit

The members of Team FD belong to WX Animations and FlashDeck studios.

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