Suicide Putty
Video:Suicide Putty
First Appearance YouTube (2008)
Affiliation(s) Billy Mays
Latest Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)

Suicide Putty originated as a YouTube poop for people who "suck at life" and wonder how to "end it all." It showed the putty turning from green to red, to show that the concentrated burst of harsh fumes are working, and that the user is almost dead. Billy Mays threatened that once you use it, he will score with your mom, so he encourages you to use it and ends with the creepy message "You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!"

The Legend of the Bondings Edit

So far, Suicide Putty has only appeared in one episode, and that is Remastered Episode 2. An XD002 tries the product for comedy reasons and ends up cutting off the air he breathes and falls to the ground dead shortly after he uses the product.

The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ Edit

Suicide Putty has appeared once in this comic, and that is when Kirby and co. goes to the arcade. Shy Guy throws some kneaded Suicide Putty at shitendosucksonyrule (a troll from YouTube), where he dies in 2 seconds.

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