He is a bright red Spear Guy who is the supposed son of Whirl Girl which is what he says anyways. If this was truly the case then Twirl Girl would be his aunt. He grew up his whole life with the two of them and as such learned their destructive dancing techniques and the rhythm of them as well. His whole life he considered Whirl Girl his mother which is what she had told him in the first place and during this time the girls were actually the nicest they could ever be to anyone ever. He loved his family so much that he tried to protect them but the girls wouldn't let him. The reason they gave was that they had told him a lie that had lasted as long as he was alive. THey told him that they had found him as an orphan which while it did shock him a little it provoked him to further protect them. When the girls had been defeated they realised that they had to let the little guy go and so asked the brothers to look after him. The Shy Bros. then asked them why they couldn't continue looking after him. This was the reason they gave,"Well we're not going to live for much longer. And well... we just can't stand the thought of the one thing we cared for for so long to be miserable because of both knowing the truth and knowing that we shall die soon so for this reason we give him to you. Sparlo! Please aid these fools to their fates." It can be foreshadowed from there that she meant Sigh Guy killing them off one by one near the end which would mean that the girls have a gift of clairvoiance as well.

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