Purple Heroes Special Attack
Soul Sealer
Location Star Hill
Related Falling Star, Mix Flower, Knockback Bros.

Soul Sealer is the final Special Attack that Mario and Luigi learn in Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes.

Description Edit

Soul Sealer costs 20 SP to use, and if done even slightly incorrectly, will fail. Mario and Luigi pull out a glowing orb and lift it into the sky. They then have to throw fireballs at it, similar to Falling Star, except the difficulty is slightly easier. The orb will then split into however enemies there are on the battlefield. In a manner similar to Mix Flower, Mario and Luigi, with additional characters as needed (starting with the Shy Bros., then Shroobio, then Toadiko, etc.) will throw orbs of spiritual energy at the split orb. When enough energy is thrown, the orb will levitate down and will head towards Luigi, similar to Knockback Bros.; Luigi should whack the orb at the right time seven times. The orb will then start spinning on top of all the enemies and destroy their souls, ending the battle.

During boss battles, this skill will do as much damage as Falling Star did in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Trivia Edit

  • Soul Sealer is a combination of three skills from the past three Mario & Luigi titles in backwards order; Falling Star is from Mario & Luigi 3, Mix Flower is from Mario & Luigi 2, and Knockback Bros. is from Mario & Luigi 1.
  • Some persistent bosses will be destroyed by an enhanced version of Soul Sealer during a cutscene where Mario lifts up the glowing orb and it simply destroy the boss's soul immediately. This does not make much sense as the procedure to activate Soul Sealer is never done.

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