Shy Bros.
The Shy Bros
Full Name Shy Bros.
First Appearance ???
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance Shy Guy Wikia (2009)

"Crud, it's the Mario Bros., they'll think we're impersonators!"
Shy Bros., Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes

Shy Bros. Edit

Shy Bros. are the inverse of the Wario Guys; they are fans of the Mario Bros. So in that sense, they dress up like them. They can even act like the brother they're dressed as; for example, Luigi can jump higher and has his trademark phasmophobia.

Mario and Luigi: Purple HeroesEdit

Their Special Attacks are:

Picasso Mask - 3 SP
Rest Assured - 4 SP
Cannonballers (in conjunction with Mario Bros.) - 6 SP
Shy Guy Storm - 7 SP
Volleyball (in conjunction with Shroobio) - 7 SP
Snack Basket (in conjunction with Mario Bros.) - 14 SP
Magic Window (in conjunction with everybody) - 18 SP
Shy Guy Squad - 20 SP

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