Well since everyone knows the secret of Legend I shall claim this series as being mine although I wish I didn't ever come up with it in the first place. I will not tell why that is but will instead tell you all what it is about. This comic strip series is about a Shy Guy named Saun Packorita who lives in a neighborhood which in a coincidence was named after Saun himself. This comic strip is famous for the many women that are in it and for the fact that I actually make an appearence. Beforehand in the Simple Life of a Stickman any references to me were about me being the creator of the Stickermin family. Anyways this comic strip started off as a foreshadowing as to what would come in the future. In fact that is why that series ended so abruptly. And how this one came to be. As its previous predecessor it ended a year after it was done. The comic strip characters were supposed to all be in their late 20's even thefallenangel who goes by Zachery Wilson Osborn in the series. There are several different named Shy Guys in this series as well as a few Shy Girls as well.

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