Blue Fronk is a male who is a Fronk.

Prince Blue Fronk
Full Name Blue Fronk
First Appearance Lobound Zero (1404)
Species Fronk
Affiliation(s) Fawful'fu Loana'fu Broque'fu Popple'fu
Latest Appearance Super Fronk Japanese Battle! (2011)

Lobound ZeroEdit

Did blue fronk touch loana postar from her home.

Lobound Zero Boss
Prince Blue Fronk
Location Loana's Home
HP 100
Power 34 (220)
Defense None
Speed 23
Experience None
Coins 122
Gear Candy Love


Blue Fronk have his mask off for asking.

Lobound Boss
Prince Blue Fronk
Location Morry's Caping home
HP 800 (900)
Power 100
Defense 30
Speed 70
Experience 500
Coins 700
Gear Blue Fronk's Hp Mask

Mother god MotherEdit

Blue Fronk have his own name, name Prince Blue Fronk.

Mother god Mother Boss
Prince Blue Fronk
Location Pom Pom Town Lever 5
HP 1000 Mask off (900)
Power 992 (99)
Defense 44 (22)
Speed 999 (700)
Experience 122 (22)
Coins 9999
Gear Blood Candy (Blood Boot)

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