Petey Piranha made his first appearance in the game Super Mario Sunshine, and can be found in various other Mario games including Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario and Lugi: Partners in Time. A variation known as Dino Piranha can be found in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Petey also possesses the ability to fly.

Bowser's Kingdom Edit

— Petey Piranha

Petey is a minor character in the Bowser's Kingdom show, where he is voiced by Steve Button.

Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha at the Villains' Olympics

First appearing in Episode 7, Petey is Steve's cousin and together they form Team Piranha Plant and compete in the Villains' Olympics. Petey is constantly vomiting and when Team Piranha Plant place third in the competition, they apparently win a life time's supply of milk. Steve points out that Petety is actually lactose intolerant, as Petey can be heard vomiting in the background.

In the Bowser's Kingdom movie, Petey finds Hal (disguised as Luigi) and Princess Peach hiding in a Ghost House and vomits on them. As Hal asks Petey what the hell is wrong with him, Petey orders the rest of Bowser's minions to charge at them. Jeff and the Karate Duo Number 1 suddenly break through a wall and send their car flying into Petey's open mouth, knocking him out.

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