Luigi is the more overshadowed younger brother of Mario and is sometimes called "Green 'Stache" by Bowser and some of his minions. His cap has a green "L" embedded on it and he has a far more superior jumping ability than his brother. He is considered an enemy to the Shy Guys as well. Apparently, Luigi has a dark secret that he does not want his older brother to know about, as stated in the game Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

Shy Guy Adventures Edit

Luigi is a minor character in the Shy Guy Adventures series and is almost replaced by Luigi Guy. He does not actually make an appearence but is instead mentioned by Vampire Guy on one occasion.

Bowser's Kingdom Edit



Luigi is also a character in the Bowser's Kingdom show, although he appears quite late in the series.

In Episode 8, Hal and Jeff find themselves lost in outer space. On one particular planet, Jeff comes in contact with a Boo mushroom which turns him into a Boo, at which point Big Boo appears and challenges Jeff to a race. Luigi suddenly appears and sucks Big Boo into his Poltergust before chasing Jeff and sucking him up too. Jeff is then ejected from the Poltergust and returns to normal, cursing Luigi in the process.

In the Bowser's Kingdom movie, Bowser tells Hal and Jeff to dress up as Mario and Luigi in order to trick Princess Peach and kidnap her. As they enter Peach's Castle, a Toad greets them both and tells Hal (disguised as Luigi) that he "had a really great time last night". Hal is confused and asks if the Toad is insinuating that he is gay, but the Toad just laughs and assumes that he had too much to drink and therefore can't remember anything. The Toad becomes sullen and tells Jeff (disguised as Mario) that Luigi always acts as though he doesn't know what he's talking about the following morning. Towards the end of the movie, the real Mario and Luigi squash Hal and Jeff before travelling to Bowser's Castle and rescuing Peach from Bowser and Steve the Piranha Plant. During the credits, Luigi is seen riding in a hot air balloon alongside Mario, Peach and a Toad.

In one of the two separate endings of Episode 666, the zombified Hal and Jeff are seen eating a dismembered Luigi.