Full Name Lightspeed Quotient Overall Tedious Evil Rocket Zapper
First Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)
Species Machine
Affiliation(s) Orange-Glo Club

This article contains fanon info and is only canon in such.

Lightspeed Quotient Overall Tedious Evil Rocket Zapper, or Lqoterz for short (Japanese: エディ, Edi) is a villain that appears in the Virtual Universe Fanfiction and Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes. In both, he is a major antagonist.

History Edit

Lqoterz first appeared in the canceled comic, The Legend of the Bondings, as a smart-alecky and extremely cunning villain. Lqoterz made a bet with the Comedy Show that he could defeat any girl wearing green; that happened to be Legend, who was an innocent passerby who not only had green clothes, but green hair as well. After Legend's defeat, the entire Orange Glo club tried to force her to adhere to their commands; obviously, Legend didn't have the one million dollars that the Orange Glo club demanded, so the Orange Glo club somehow managed to get her in jail.

Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes Edit

Not much is known about this, but Lqoterz ambushes the Koopa Bros. and the Mario Bros. many times in the late game, getting stronger every time. He is eventually defeated after Mario activates the Soul Sealer special attack on him.

Tenor Fanfiction Edit

See Comix Fanon Wiki.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Lqoterz's English name is ridiculously long and tedious, his Japanese name is among the shortest of all the characters, having only three letters in its romanization. This might have been added for humor.

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