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them after a defeat

The Koopa Troop is a army led by Bowser, King of the Koopas. The Koopa Troop wishes to take over the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom, and, ultimately, the entire world. The Koopa Troop has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom multiple times. According to Kammy Koopa in Paper Mario, they exist for the sole purpose for revenge on those who have treated them badly. All of their goals are based entirely on Bowser's own interests.

The Koopa Troop is nearly unstoppable. Bowser has an almost unlimited supply of Goomba and Koopa and Shy Guys. Despite having a huge military, the Koopa Troop is continuously defeated by the Mario Bros.

The main force of the Koopa Troop differs from game to game. Koopa Troopas are quite obviously the most intelligent of their widely-used members and Magikoopas, Hammer Bros. and Koopatrols are among their elites. Also, strangely, Yoshi's Universal Gravitation seems to suggest that Fly Guys, who were constantly seen commonly during Bowser's cutscene-illustrated operations, were the Koopa Troop's main soldiers. The Yoshi series seems to suggest that back while Bowser was a baby, the troop's main force mainly consisted of Shy Guys.

The Koopa Kingdom is where Bowser is at the time.

1: Supreme Leader
Bowser Jr.
Baby Bowser (in the past)

2: Troops (Elite)
Hammer Bros.

3. Main Troops
Shy Guys
Koopa Troopas