Koopa Guy
Full Name Koopa Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wiki
Species Shy Guy, Koopa
Affiliation(s) Bowser
Latest Appearance Shy Guy Wiki

Koopa Guys are Green Shy Guys inside Red Koopa Shells. They appear in large colonies and can attack very quickly, as well as defend from the Mario Bros. with their rock-hard shells. Their attacks are no joke; a 50-power Ram attack or a huge 140-power Charge Shot. Their other attacks are similar to those of regular Red Koopa Troopas and regular Shy Guys.

Bowser does not approve of Koopa Guys, as too many Red Koopas, the smarter of the Koopa species, sacrifice their lives to provide for these Guys. The cost is low, though; Koopa Guys pack immense power and Mario and Luigi have not defeated any... yet.