KirbyFan (Comics)
Full Name KirbyFan
First Appearance Kirby Wikia (2005/2006)
Species Human
Affiliation(s) None
Latest Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)

KirbyFan (Japanese: カービィファン, KirbyFan) is a well-known troll on Kirby Wikia that harassed Blue Ninjakoopa and spammed his powers.

The Legend of the Bondings Edit

A back-story is added to KirbyFan, saying he battled with an XD002.5 one day and lost, so the XD002.5 cast a spell on him, mutating his genes and turning him into a troll. He rampaged through the world, destroying anything in his way, but he was eventually brought to justice by the police; he was cured but since his powers are diminished, he needs to spend his time home.

In the original Chapter 2, EmptyStar noted that KirbyFan gave him a gun prior to the events listed above. The gun was flexible and shot regular bullets at the speed of light. This entire scene was replaced by a comedy show that showed two XD002s who tried Suicide Putty and Sui-Chop, respectively, which meant the gun does not appear; however, it appears in the remake of chapter 1 with no reference to KirbyFan.

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