Kirby: The 13 Warriors of Dawn was at first a successful comic made by Alan, one of Timson's friends. The plotline was pretty shadowed; Kirby and KJ make fun of someone and get community service for a retarded girl (no names.) So they get in huge trouble when the girl tries to eat a volcano.

After this, the comic stayed inactive for 2 months until Alan released a new, improved version of the comic that featured himself as the main character, but that comic was short-lived and only lived for 1 month before it died on June of 2009.

Life span: February 2009 - June 2009

Reception Edit

Kirby: The 13 Warriors of Dawn was well-accepted by Alan's friends, but it was later marked as one of the worst comics ever made by Ben and Devin, who called the comic "a disgrace to Kirby, and completely inappropriate, and you should not insert (the girl) in the comic. It only promotes her."

Positive landmarks: Edit

  • Funny, innovated, top-class drawings.
  • First ever comic to feature KJ.

Negative landmarks: Edit

  • Inappropriate: One recipe that KJ made was called "black boob crumbs", another scene showed KJ reading porn, and it contains multiple swears.
  • Character placement flaws: Never include yourself as the main character; it makes you look silly trying to promote yourself.
  • Unoriginal title: 13 is such a commonly used number in "epic" comics or books.
  • The comic had no logical sense entirely.

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