"What are you? Gay?!"

— Jasper to Hal and Jeff

Jasper the Kamek is a Magikoopa appearing as a character in the Bowser's Kingdom show. He is voiced by Johnny Maniac and his real name, Jasper, is shown during the credits.

Bowser's KingdomEdit

Jasper the Kamek

Jasper the Kamek

Jasper makes his first appearance in Episode 2. He is seen in a flashback scene when Jeff recalls taking Jasper's flying lessons. Jasper had given Hal and Jeff a broom each and tells them that they can fly by thinking happy thoughts, such as "titties!" Hal and Jeff attempt this but both end up falling off a cliff, leading Jasper to believe that their downfall (quite literally) was probably due to them being gay, which neither of them are. He appears again at the end of the episode while Hal is mourning Jeff after being stomped on for the second time. Jasper tells Hal that he knew he was gay before flying off.

In Episode 5, Jasper appears briefly after Hal and Jeff feed a baby frog to Wart. Jasper appears to knock Wart out with magic.

In Episode 6, Mouser steals Hal's sack and when Hal shouts "He took my sack!", Jasper flies past and once again asks if Hal is gay.

In Episode 7, Jasper appears as the team leader of Team Kamek in the Villain's Olympics, where he is seen talking to his team of Magikoopas. He later appears during the High Jump event, where he simply walks under the pole.

Jasper can be seen on board Bowser Jr.'s airship at the start of Episode 8.

In Episode 10, Jasper appears briefly during Hal's behind-the-scenes interview. When the subtitle writer makes fun of Hal by writing false subtitles such as "I secretly love Kamek", Jasper tells Hal yet again he knew he was gay.

In the Bowser's Kingdom Movie, Jasper appears as one of Bowser's many minions. He makes two cameo appearances; one at the very start of the movie flying past Bowser's fortress, and the second when he is talking to a group of Magikoopas as Hal (disguised as Luigi) and Princess Peach are about to enter a Ghost House.