Gerald Arther Stickermin
Full Name Gerald Arthur Stickermin
First Appearance The Simple Life of a Stickman (2009)
Species Stick Figure
Affiliation(s) Harrey, himself
Latest Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)

Gerald Arthur Stickermin is the main character of a comic strip called The Simple Life of a Stickman, where he is the main star of the show. He also appears in the Books of the Epics for People who have Nothing Better to do as a guest star. It is revealed that he is more than an ordinary stick figure as a demonic beast sleeps within him. With this beast inside him he is able to control Aura. His wife Linda Stickermin has been revealed to control Aura on her own too but she ends up dying as soon as she's introduced to the story. He has eyebrows that are above his head. And his best friend is Saun Packorita.

The Legend of the Bondings Edit

In Chapter 8, Gerald Arthur Stickermin makes a cameo appearance, fighting off the XD002 army. He thinks the XDs are an insult to stick figures and continues to fight them off even with the appearance of King XD, who orders Gerald executed. At this point, EmptyStar and KJ must help him before he gets overwhelmed by the XD002.5s. After this, Gerald says he didn't need any help (but obviously he did.) He then walks away, muttering something about split EXP.