General Leigh Zea
General Leigh Zea
Full Name General Leigh Zea
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia (2009)
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Shy Guys, Lazy Guy Squadron

"We shall take out Mario using our power of laziness!"
—General Leigh Zea talking to his troops

General Leigh Zea is the leader of the Lazy Guy Squadron. His appearance is similar to that of a Lazy Guy except he wears a general hat and is decorated with medals and ribbons. Leigh Zea leads a group of 100 Lazy Guys. His mask is cracked at the top, which he hides under his cap and he has grown a gray mustache. Unlike the Lazy Guys, he isn't lazy, but is always tired. He carries a ray gun and bombs with him as his main weaponry. One day after work, he was sleeping in his bed when the foundation started to crack. Leigh Zea told himself he'd do it tomorrow, but days passed, then weeks passed. After a year of negligence, Leigh Zea's house collapsed and he fell through the floor. He was pierced in the heart by a dark crystal. He then transformed from a kind-hearted general to an evil-spirited enforcer. His appearance also changed quickly, trnasforming into a purple hue and eyes turning yellow. General Leigh Zea was now General NRG. However, after he was defeated in battle, he was reverted back to normal. After that experience, he retired his position and later had a family with his wife and three kids.

General Leigh Zea is also brothers with another army officer: General Guy.

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