Evil Mind is one of the Shy Bros.'s Special Attacks in Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes.


The Shy Bros. pull out sleeping pills, and go to sleep. As they sleep, they imagine wooden hammers falling on the enemy. The player presses A when Shy Bro Mario is thinking, and B when Shy Bro Luigi is thinking. For every successful hit they recover 1% of their HP, with a total of around 32 hits of serial damage.

This move costs 4 SP and has much of the same effects as Fire Flowers and Ice Flowers, the former which is not in this game but rather in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. What puts this off from the other two is that this heals the Shy Bros. and only hits two enemies of choice. The hammers rain down randomly on either one of the enemies. All in all, this move could be considered one of the best early-game moves, but is lacking in power later on. Once the Shy Bros. get Shy Guy Storm, they won't even need to touch this item again.

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