EmptyStar (Comics)
Full Name EmptyStar
First Appearance Kirby Wikia (2005/6/7)
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Kirby
Latest Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)

EmptyStar (Japanese: 星空の Sky Star) is an editor at Kirby Wikia. He is a sysop/bureaucrat at Kirby Wikia. Timson has decided to put EmptyStar in his comic for humor.

The Legend of the Bondings Edit

EmptyStar obviously makes his debut in Chapter 1, being the main character of the entire series. He always wears a blue T-shirt and green pants. His known possessions are a gun made by the good KirbyFan, a hammer borrowed from Mario, and a Wii, plus multiple games. He is good friends with Kirby and KJ (the latter which he thinks is immature), and Rukia. His main goal is to get together a team and defeat all evil, as well as play party games like Mario Party 8 or Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

His arch-nemesis is Poopyman1000. No matter how many times EmptyStar defeats Poopyman, he keeps coming back, regardless of if a fatality occurred. His other enemies include shitendosucksonyrule, SONICHATERSONICSUCK1, wiisucksIol, XD002 Army, King XD, and Wart.

Stars that Fade Away Edit

Once again, he is the main character, and most of his goals and enemies are unchanged, with the addition of MAXHATESPOKEMON800 as an enemy. He no longer wears a blue T-shirt and green pants all the time, but rather differently colored shirts.

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