Dry Bones

Two Dry Bones

"Go suck a dick!"

— Dry Bones to Mario

Dry Bones are skeletal Koopas that can rebuild themselves after being stomped on. They appear as characters in the Bowser's Kingdom show and have very gruff voices.

Bowser's KingdomEdit

A number of Dry Bones appear in Episode 3, residing in the World 3 castle. When a panicked Lemmy Koopa rushes in and shouts "He's gonna get me!", two Dry Bones become curious and ask who's going to get him. Lemmy claims that it's Mario and he's on his way to the castle, and together they plan to take on the plumber, along with a Podoboo, Big Boo, The Inaudible Thwomp and the Karate Duo Number 1. When Mario knocks on the door, a Dry Bones tells him to go and suck a dick. Mario burts in anyway, beats up the two Dry Bones and crushes their bones into the ground. Further on, three more Dry Bones chase Mario up a slope but Mario stomps on a large swinging iron ball, causing it to roll down the slope and squash all three Dry Bones flat.

A Dry Bones can be seen on board Bowser Jr.'s airship at the start of Episode 8.

Dry Bones 2

A Dry Bones talking with Hal and Jeff during the zombie invasion

In Episode 666, Hal and Jeff are confronted by a Dry Bones during the zombie invasion, and this variation has a different voice to the others. When Hal sees him, he yells and knocks the Dry Bones' head off, leading the skeletal Koopa to call him a "dick". Realising that Dry Bones are classed as undead rather than zombies (since they lack flesh), Hal apologises and asks why the zombies aren't attacking him. The Dry Bones reminds him that he's just a skeleton and therefore the zombies would have nothing to eat. He then directs Hal and Jeff to a castle on the Doughnut Plains, where a few more survivors are hiding out. Hal asks the Dry Bones, if he's going to come with them, but the Dry Bones says he'd prefer to hang out with the zombies. According to him, they're "really nice once you get past the whole eating-your-flesh thing". With that, Hal and Jeff depart for the castle, leaving the Dry Bones behind.

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