Drown Putty
First Appearance The Legend of the Bondings (2009-2010)
Affiliation(s) Billy Mays

Drown Putty (Japanese: パテを浸しなさい, Damp Putty) is the chronological opposite of Suicide Putty; while the former generates fumes to kill the user, Drown Putty is used for drowning your enemies in a cold death. It whips up a tsunami that freezes and drowns enemies. It has only been mentioned once in the comic; in chapter 5, the comedy show where Blue Kirby uses the Drown Putty to choke an XD002 to death. It is made as a counter to Vince's Sui-Chop; it was much easier to carry and drowns an enemy instantly. Vince then countered with the SuckWOW! which sucked the enemies' blood from inside of them.

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