Dream Land Adventures and Dream Land Adventures 2 are both recurring comics; they are the successor and the prequel to Kirby: The 13 Warriors of Dawn. It is much funnier than both The Legend of the Bondings and The Daily Life and Adventures of Kirby and KJ. Furthermore, compared to the competing comics, this comic has more manga-like drawings, and the drawings are perfect (there are no erase marks). Additionally, the characters are based off of obscure products such as a flash game that no one plays or Adventure Quest Worlds, making it original.


At the cost of this, it falls to Kenneth's and Timson's comic by little, but major, pointers. First of all, the comic is incredibly grotesque, containing no color but red (for blood), and having nudity and porn mentioned very often. Secondly, every idea is stolen from Timson or heavily emphasized on Kingdom Hearts. Finally, it is either fictional or non-canon, as this comic's storyline is inconsistent and confusing, as well as not following any other line of time.

Overall Comic Rating:

Uniqueness - 10/10
Artwork - 10/10
Originality - 5/10
Age-Appropriateness - 4/10
Variety - 10/10

Final Score: 39/50 -> 78/100 -> C+

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