"Mmmmm. Dinner!"
—Dinner Guy to thefallenangel407 giving him some spaghetti.

Dinner Guy
Dinner Guy
Full Name Dinner Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Shy Bros., Spaghetti Guy

This is a red Shy Guy who is always hungry. In fact you can see him on the front page. He is strong as hell when hungry so GIVE HIM SOME DINNER NOW for not even Sigh Guy could stand up to him when he denied him dinner in the final chapter of the Shy Guy Adventures comic.

Shy Guy Adventures Edit

He joined the Shy Bros. in the first chapter and is able to help them out because of the fact that the enemies refused to give him dinner. He was a big help in the end when Sigh Guy managed to kill off almost everyone that joined them except Saun and Dinner Guy. He was the one who in the end managed to destroy Sigh Guy because he too wouldn't give him dinner. He finished off Sigh Guy by using ********************************************************* NO SPOILERS HERE YET!!!

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