Purple Heroes Final Boss
Dark Marriland
Location Gold Mine Area 128
HP 2000 (3500)
Power 194 (310)
Defense 150 (255)
Speed 244 (415)
Experience 7000 (10500)
Coins 10000 (15000)
Gear A-OK Wear (2)

Note: In parentheses are the stats for Super Expert Mode with the exception of Max Nuts and A-OK Wear.

Dark Marriland is the final boss of the game Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes.

Mario and Luigi: Purple Heroes Edit

When Marriland gets angry at shitendosucksonyrule for calling him a lowlife idiot, the Dark Star takes advantage of it and possesses him, making him the true final boss of the game.

After all of his Pokemon - Dark Tiamatria, Dark MetalFenix, Dark Lucky, Dark Chompah, Dark Spookshire, and Dark Arceus are defeated, he comes and fights the Mario Bros. and the Shy Bros. himself. His attacks are splitting into multiple copies and stampeding the floor, which Starlow must help the Mario/Shy Bros. avoid, and flying up to the top screen and falling down. If he glows green, he will hit (surprisingly) Mario, and if he glows red, he will hit Luigi. If it glows yellow, he will hit Shy Bro L, and if it glows purple, he will hit Shy Bro M. After the battle, the Dark Star comes out and disintegrates. At that point, the Mario/Shy Bros. get tons of EXP.

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