"Hey man! Allow me to ease your suffering by turning time... FOWARD!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"
—Clockwork Guy to Luigi when he needs a massage for his old bones.

Clockwork Guy Edit

This is an all white Shy Guy with a round clock that works for both a mask and a belt buckle. In battle he is able to slow down time since he is one of the slowest Shy Guys there is without this ability.

Shy Guy Adventures Edit

He is on Bowser's side and was employed because he is skilled at stopping time. He was able to slow time down by turning the hands on his mask back as far as 15 seconds which was the time he needed to get there. Then when the time ran out he would repeat the process and then start inficting damage onto his opponents. Saun is the only one who was able to see this happen and counter it. When Clockwork Guy was defeated his hands on his mask stopped working which then impied that he was actually an advanced form of technology since he stopped moving.