There are two varieties of this Shy Guy. Both shall be explained.

Chocolate Guy (Obsessed) Edit

This is a White Shy Guy who is obseseed with chocolate. His obsession however is rather unhealthy as he tends to shout the word Chocolate like the crazy fish did in the Chocolate with Nuts episode of Spongebob. He'll even chase down anyone with a chocolate bar in their hands just to buy it from them. He ends up spending a lot just on chocolate.

Chocolate Guy (Treat) Edit

There are two varieties of the treat version. One is edible the other is living and therefore is not edible. The living one is made of chocolate and has more than one variety of it which simply means that there are more flavors of it. They were created by Bowser with the same purpose as Candy Guy but like him turned against him as well. The edible variety is an actual chocolate candy that is the favored treat of the citzens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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