Episode Summary Edit

The episode starts out with Mario beating a couple of bad guys. The scene switches over to Jeff the Goomba and Hal the Koopa talking about why Bowser always kidnaps Peach, and comes up with the hypothesis that Bowser captures Peach for sex, explaining the name Princess Toadstool. Suddenly, a green Shy Guy comes and falls down near them; Jeff and Hal assume he is dead. However, they are both proven wrong when he stands up and complains that they are not helping the Koopa Troop fight Mario. Jeff and Hal get annoyed at the Shy Guy and lie about that they were about to go help, and that it is all the Shy Guy's fault that they did not jump in and help. Jeff and Hal get ticked and lie to the Shy Guy once again, telling him to touch a Fire Flower which burns him. He then runs around trying to put the fire out; suddenly, a large pirahna plant pops out of a pipe. He is named Steve. Jeff and Hal get ticked at him, and tell him to get lost when they are talking about adult material. Meanwhile, the Shy Guy manages to put himself out. They ask Steve to do them a favor and light him on fire again. They thank Steve and he pops back into the pipe. This time the Shy Guy is not as lucky and burns to ashes. Jeff and Hal talk about things for a while, and then the deceased Shy Guy, as a ghost, takes revenge on Jeff and Hal, and announces to Mario that the princess is right there. The Shy Guy fades away and Mario jumps on Jeff and Hal, destroying them in the process.

Bowser's Kingdom Episode 1 (Mature Content)04:52

Bowser's Kingdom Episode 1 (Mature Content)

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