Bowser's Kingdom is a popular animation show on Newgrounds, which eventually made its way on YouTube. This is a show that uses sprites to tell of the misadventures of a Goomba and a Koopa Troopa who work for Bowser named Jeff the Goomba and Hal the Koopa. The show itself is humorous to people who don't mind crude humor and/or language. The show is rated M (Ages 17+) (mainly because of the mild language, violence, and sexual themes). Ten episodes, roughly 5-10 minutes in length, were produced, a 20 minute movie was produced and a 10 minute halloween special was produced.


  • "Bowser's Kingdom" started as a side project of Andrew Raskin and Pat TeNyenhuis, originally appearing on Pat's web-comic page, and quickly gained notoriety on
  • Even though there will be no more new episodes, some of the voice actors of the "Bowser's Kingdom" series have been continuing another side project of theirs, a YouTube series of Stop Motion videos.

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