This is the second book in the series.

Chapter One: The Ruins of Time Edit

This chapter is a pretty short one but it entails what happens while the four travelers were trapped in the Ruins of Time. Inside the ruins was gray just like outside. Harrey had noticed some torches and made a comment saying that the flames couldn't be a thousand years old. Sakiki then suggested that they start looking. Gerald then panics again and tells her how are they going to look for anything in there. The scene then switches to a place not far from the ruins where a gang of... things were just walking out of a nearby town. They appeared to be looking for something which only the leader knew about. The scene then switches back towards the heroes and their companion when a trapdoor activated and sent them all sliding towards an unknown room. Gerald seemed to enjoy the surprise though. When they got to the bottom they could sense that they weren't alone. To drive the point home they then heard a sharp, earcurdling scream. Nobody noticed the monster looking down at them except for Saun. Gerald then wondered why the beast looked familiar. The problem was he didn't keep it to himself which surprised the group. Harrey then asked him if he had seen the monster somewhere before. Gerald then replied that he might have seen it in a dream. Sakiki then wondered if he had seen a Dimensional Scream which confused everybody. The chapter ended there.

Chapter Two: The Passage of Time Edit

Chapter Three: The Dimensional Scream Vision Edit

Chapter Four: The Rainbow Lucario Tribe Edit

Chapter Five: The Power of Aura Edit

Chapter Six: The Dimensional Rod's Resting Place Edit

Chapter Seven: Farewell for Now... Edit

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