Anti Guys
Anti Guy2
Full Name Anti Guy
First Appearance Paper Mario (2001)
Species related to Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Possibly Baby Bowser or themselves.

Anti Guys are Black Shy Guys that appear in Paper Mario. They are also known as Deadly Guys due the fact that their attacks are extremely powerful. In fact they are the strongest non-boss enemy in the game. In the game, Mario first encountered an Anti Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box. This Shy Guy is guarding a treasure chest. Other Anti Guys are found in Bowser's Castle.

Lemon Candy is probably Anti Guy's favorite treat. Instead of fighting the Anti Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box, Mario can instead bribe the Shy Guy to leave by giving him a Lemon Candy, allowing Mario access to the treasure. However if Mario does this, he cannot fight the Anti Guy to earn the EXP gained by him, which is a truckload of EXP at that.