133T Guys
Full Name 133t Guy
First Appearance Shy Guy Wikia
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Mostly themselves but some go on to whoever they think is the winning team.

"Joo n00bs r be pwned!" ~A 133T Guy to Mario when they were about to fight.

133T or actually "1337" is 1337 speak for "elite." As is the case everything they say has to do with this language. They are always stuck-up although someone probably has to do it. They always have a limitless supply of weapons at their disposal which they use as they please. Everything from hammers stolen from both Hammer Bros. and Hammer Guys to boomerangs also stolen from Boomerang Bros. and Boomerang Guys and just about everything else. If they were truly using 1337 speak then they would be called 1337 9uy5 or something like that.

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